VDEC’s Chip Test Kit


VDEC’s Chip Test Kit is designed for testing and measuring chip functions. The Kit is compatible with VDEC’s 160-pin chip or any similar chips with QFP-256 package.

The kit contains 3 boards:

  • Main Socket
  • DE2 Connector
  • TB Connector

They can be used separately or combined together to measure chips.

The Kit is flexible and easy-to-use.


Chip test with QFP-256 package for 160-pin chip. Compatible with VDEC's chip or same package.

Work stand-alone or connect with FPGA DE2-115 (TerAsic) for SignalTap capture.

Power supply: 5V, 3.3V, 1.8V, 1.2V via USB cable. Flexible connection with male headers.


Product content:

The Kit contains 3 board:

  • Main Socket:
    • QFP-256 package, 160-pin chip.
    • Power supply: 5V, 3.3V, 2 x 1.8V (VDD, VDD0), 1.2V (via USB cable).
    • Multi-connector for wiring and measuring.
    • Support multi-layout design measurement (without jumpers).
    • Support full-chip measurement with flexible jumpers.
  • DE2 Connector:
    • Connect Main Socket and DE2 Connector.
    • Connect Main Socket with DE2 FPGA board (TerASIC) – DE2-115/70/35.
    • Compatible with GPIO and HSTC conversion connector.
    • Capture real-time signals from chip to DE2 FPGA, and display them with SignalTap (Altera).
  • TB Connector:
    • Connect Main Socket and TB Connector.
    • Connect Main Socket with PC via USB-COM.
    • Interface with a tool (to be developed soon) to set input testbench to chip and get output testbench from chip.


test_chip_1 test_chip_2 test_chip_3

       VDEC’s Chip Test Kit contains: Main Socket (first), DE2 Connector (middle), TB Connector (last).


Main Socket, DE2 Connector and DE2-70 FPGA.


Main Socket User Guide

DE-2 Connector User Guide

Product Demo

Test, measurement, and verification

… Compatible with VDEC chips …